Olive Tree Renovations has amassed a wealth of expertise in the intricate craft of restoring period and listed properties, reflecting our commitment to excellence through years of working on numerous listed buildings. With a history steeped in hands-on experience, our team possesses a nuanced understanding of the diverse fabrics that form the foundation of these unique structures.

Our restoration philosophy goes beyond mere preservation; it’s an artful balance of safeguarding historical elements while seamlessly integrating modern upgrades. This is particularly crucial in tackling the distinct challenges posed by period property projects. There team thrives on a proactive mindset, approaching each project with innovative solutions to ensure the preservation of each house’s distinct character, whether it’s a listed property or a new build. The outcome is a series of harmonious spaces that flawlessly blend the charm of the past with the functionality of the present.

From the intricate detailing of period features to the strategic integration of modern conveniences, we bring your vision to life, ensuring that every restoration project stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of your home.


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