Powells Farm

Our team embarked on a visionary project: a complete new build using Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT), in collaboration with a Spanish architect. This venture blended innovation with challenge, as we navigated new materials and an international design approach.

The project involved timber frame construction with CLT, showcasing our expertise in M&E, plastering, roofing, and timber frame construction. Collaborating with a Spanish architect introduced fresh perspectives and new materials, challenging us to adapt and innovate.

The 50-meter-long building posed unique challenges, particularly in aligning 1″ battens along its length. Despite the complexities of working with CLT and new materials, standout features like flawless polish plaster finish and meticulous roofing craftsmanship set the project apart, earning recognition in over 10 Spanish magazines.

“Our collaboration with the Spanish architect and dedication to mastering new materials resulted in a project that captured the design world’s imagination, showcasing our commitment to innovation in construction.”

As testament to our dedication, the clients were thrilled with the outcome, finally able to enjoy a space that exceeded their expectations. The project exemplifies our team’s ingenuity and commitment to pushing construction boundaries, creating a unique build that stands as a symbol of excellence in the industry.

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