Foxhills, a countryside gem, underwent a transformative project led by our team. With bats on-site, navigating regulatory checks was crucial, making this our most challenging yet rewarding endeavor.

Foxhills saw a unique blend of new construction and restoration, with 70% dedicated to new build elements. Despite challenges with the bat habitat, we executed our first basement and provided M&E services with precision. We collaborated with our client’s team, architects, and interior designers, resulting in a seamless fusion of modern luxury with natural charm. Notable features included stone fireplaces, bespoke plaster finishes, and a stunning spiral staircase, all achieved with meticulous attention to detail.

“Our partnership with the client and skilled collaborators ensured a successful project marked by timely completion and a tidy site. The Foxhills project stands as a testament to our dedication and expertise in harmonising new construction with restoration efforts.”

Foxhills showcases our commitment to excellence, blending innovation with tradition to create a timeless sanctuary in the countryside. Through precision and attention to detail, we’ve transformed Foxhills into a masterpiece that seamlessly integrates modern comforts with historic charm.

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